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Fenton Days
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Fenton Days Parade Safety Rules    |     Saturday October 5, 2019

Unit Captains:
Each entry or float must have a designated unit captain. Unit captains are to remain with their units throughout the parade until in ends at the Fenton City Park. Each captain is responsible for ensuring that the rules of the parade are followed by their entry at all times, and that their entry maintains pace with the rest of the parade.

Staging Area:
Parade entries should be in place no later than 8:45 am Parade starts at 10:00 am sharp. Only vehicles in the parade will be allowed in the staging area.

Distributing candy and other items:
CANDY OR OTHER ITEMS MAY NOT BE THROWN FROM THE VEHICLE OR FLOAT. Candy (or other items) can only be distributed by walkers who hand the items to the spectators. 

Safety guidelines for vehicles:
Divers should not hang out of vehicles. All other riders must reamin in the vehicles throughout the parade. Sitting on top of vehicles is not allowed.


Those who are picking up parade participates at the end of the parade may do so at Fenton City Park.

Agrees to hold the Fenton Community Charitable Association, City of Fenton, its agents, servants and employees, Fenton Chamber of Commerce, its agents servants and employees, the Citizens’ Committee for Fenton Days, and the parade sponsors harmless from any and all liability, actions, causes of actions, claims, demands for suits whatsoever resulting from or arising out of personal injuries, loss of, or damage to property or involving impairment of, or damage to any right because of or in any way related to participation in the Fenton Days Parade in Fenton, Missouri. I also acknowledge I have received and read a copy of the “Fenton Days Rules,” and I agree to follow those rules at all times during participation in the parade.

All parade entries will line up on Center St. Enter on Ware St from Old Gravois Rd. There are no assign placements. Participants will line up on a first-come basis. Entrants will be given an entry number for judging.

The Judge’s Table will be located at the entrance to Fenton Athletic Association. Entries will continue to Fenton City Park to unload. Parade winners will be announced after parade at Fenton Days.

Please contact the Parade Committee with any questions –